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Chess Cake_2015

Le ricette di Claudia & Andre
Chess Cake_2015
  • 12 FREDDI Dolcetto Apricot
  • 12 FREDDI Buondolce Chochoney
  • apricot jam as needed
  • 200 ml whipped cream
  • 3 tablespoons of hazelnut cream
  • dark chocolate shavings as needed
  • white chocolate shaving as needed
How to prepare?

Bring FREDDI Buondolce and Dolcetto to the same format.

Cut to the direction of the length the snacks in half.


On a tray place a strip brown, one white, one brown and one white.

Cover with a layer of apricot jam to keep everything together.


Above continue with alternating strips of snack but to create a checkerboard effect (so if the first were brown, white, brown, white, now catch white, brown, white, brown).


Recoat with apricot jam and lay the last layer of snacks, remembering to alternate them always to create a chessboard.


Whip the cream and add some of it to the hazelnut cream. Decorate with white and brown whipped cream.

Complete with chocolate shavings and serve!

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