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Easter Egg_2019

Spaghetti al sugo
  • Half Easter egg
  • Milk 150 ml
  • Vanilla bean 1
  • Sugar 50 g
  • Corn starch (cornstarch) 25 g
  • Fresh liquid cream 100 ml
  • FREDDI Dolcetto Cocoa snacks
How to prepare?

In a saucepan, pour 75 ml milk, sugar and the seeds of a vanilla bean. Heat and stir to dissolve the sugar.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, pour the remaining milk and cornstarch. Mix the two ingredients with a hand whisk. When the milk starts to boil, pour the milk with the corn starch and mix with the whisk by hand until the cream thickens.




Once firmed, pour the cream into a bowl, cover it with contact film, and let it cool to room temperature. Whip the cream, pour half of this into milk cream and take the rest a part for decorations.

Now take a half Easter egg. On a serving plate create a base with melted choco to keep the egg straight. Start stuffing the egg alterning layers of milk cream and layers of Freddi Dolcetto Cocoa.


When your egg is completely filled, you just have to decorate it.

Fill a pastry bag with whipped cream, with a star spout, and decorate your egg. Now you just have to eat the stuffed Easter egg.

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