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Pasticciando con Nanu e Pirba

for 3/4 small cups:

3 snacks FREDDI Moretta Classic
200 g chestnut puree
80 g butter
80 g of sugar
30 g of unsweetened cocoa powder
1 egg
1 teaspoon rum
white chocolate as needed for decoration

How to prepare?

Whip as cream the butter with the sugar, add an egg and little by little
the cocoa powder.
Combine the chestnut puree made with chestnuts boiled previously, starting from cold water for at least 45 minutes.


Add the rum. Put the melted white chocolate inside the bowl and let it cool off. Put one part of mixture into the cup.
At the center of the cup insert some small cubes of Freddi Moretta Classic.
Finish with another layer of mixture and garnish with white chocolate chips



It is a creamy dessert that will appeal not only in autumn, but it will be appreciated throughout the winter season and more, since then chestnuts can be found all year round, just buy them frozen.

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