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Nella Cucina Di Angela

For heart 20 cm baking pan:

1 FREDDI Swiss Roll Bûche de Noël
500 g ricotta cheese
150 gof sugar
100 g of dark chocolate drops
50 ml of water
1 glass of Strega or Limoncello liqueur

For the sponge cake with chocolate:

2 eggs
80 g sugar
60 g flour 00
20 g unsweetened cocoa

How to prepare?

First of all prepare the cocoa sponge cake.

Preheat sweet or static oven to 180°. Refrigerate the Freddi Swiss Roll Bûche de Noël, it will be easier to cut the slices. In the planetary with the whip put 2 eggs and begin to assemble (personally I feared the worst, however I could), then add the sugar and beat for 8 min. Gradually add the flour and cocoa powder sifted and mix with a
spatula from the bottom upwards.
Prepare the cake pan with parchment paper or non-sticking spray and pour the mixture, then cook at 160° for 15-20 minutes. There will
be 2 layers of cake.

With an electric mixer make creamy ricotta, mix the water with the sugar, then pour the syrup into the ricotta cheese and beat with electric mixer. Finally, add 100 grams of dark chocolate chips and a glass of liqueur Strega or Limoncello, mix one last time and refrigerate.


Assembly: Place the hinge of the pan, without the bottom, on a flat serving plate; line it with plastic wrap and set it aside. Cut the cake in half, so as to obtain the two layers and put his hand under the pan, adhere well to the film.

Take Freddi Swiss Roll Bûche de Noël from refrigerator and slice slices 1cm poor, with these coat the edges of the pan making them adhere well and pour in the cream cheese put in the fridge, well it level.


Cover the cake Freddi Swiss Roll Bûche de Noël with a sheet of parchment paper, put on the base of the pan and press lightly, then put any weight (I put a wooden cutting board so not very heavy) and refrigerate all night. The next day, remove the weight and the wax paper at the base of the pan and replace with a plate for sweet and very carefully flip the heart; unzip and remove the pan, remove the foil and decorate as desired. Personally I decorated with curly whipped cream only the tops, while I let the board free because too beautiful to cover it.

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