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1 pack of FREDDI Ballerina Coffee snacks

For milk cream:
600 gr milk

70 gr flour 00

100 gr sugar

1/2 vanilla aroma vial

1 starfruit

pomegranate grains

How to prepare?

Prepare the cream by mixing the flour with the sugar in a non-stick pan.

Add the milk a little at a time and mix to remove any heart, adding the aroma.

Put the pan on the cooken and stirring often to thicken the cream, when a veil is applied to the wooden spoon with which you mix, it means that it is ready.

Allow to cool slightly, stirring occasionally to prevent the crust from forming on it.



Unwrap the Freddi Ballerina Coffee snacks, cut 3 of them into 4 equal pieces from the widest side.

With other Freddi Ballerina Coffee snacks, cover the bottom of glasses or cups to taste, place the pomegranate seeds around the glass and spill the cream about 2 fingers.



Decorate with a piece of snack, a slice of starfruit, pomegranate grains and mint leaf.


For the large cup place a piece of snack on the bottom and around 6 long pieces previously cut by the 3 snacks.

Also place 3 slices of starfruit in the middle and a few grains of pomegranate.



Pour some cream into the milk, decorate with other pomegranate grains and finish with the remaining cream.

Decorate on top with other slices of starfruit, pomegranate grains and mint leaves.

Keep cool until ready to serve.

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