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Tiramisù Pie_2020

Le Ricette di Claudia&Andre
  • 16 FREDDI Moretta Tiramisù snacks
  • 300 gr sweetened whipping cream
  • 200 gr light spreadable cheese
  • 25 gr vanilla icing sugar
  • Instant coffee for milk q.s.
How to prepare?

Semi whip the cream in a bowl.

Stir cheese and icing sugar to obtain a thick cream.



Pour the cream in a pastry bag with nozzle and place in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

Meanwhile line the bottom of a plate with 8 Freddi Moretta Tiramisù in two rows of 4.


Split the other 8 on the cream side and keep the upper part aside (you can eat the other half for a snack or breakfast). If you use them whole it will be too difficult to cut it.

Remove the pastry bag from the fridge and decorate the tufts of cream.



Using a strainer, sift a little instant coffee over it.

Cover with the other half Freddi Moretta Tiramisù snacks, repeat the decoration with cream and sift coffee powder again.

Keep in the fridge for at least two hours and serve. Wonder!

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