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Freddi Dolciaria



Behind our cakes there are years of research, development and a constant commitment to the highest possible quality.
The selection of raw materials
We select the best quality of ingredients available on the Italian market.
Strict policies are:
- NO Artificial flavours
- NO Preservatives
- NO Colourings
- NO Hydrogenated fats
- NO Trans fats
Automated production

Our plant has 3 completely automated production lines. Each day, we produce:
• Over 1,000,000 packs of bar cakes in 8 units (Dolcetto, Ballerina)
• Over 1,000,000 packs of bar cakes in 10 units (Finesse, Buondolce and Moretta)
• Over 180,000 swiss rolls and layer cakes
(Pic Nic, Swiss Roll, Bûche de Noël, O'Mamma)

Behind our cakes there are years of research and development
Quality control and packaging
Our products undergo a constant nutritional control inside our plant and in outside certified laboratories.
Once we are completely reassured of the products’ quality we can proceed them to our packaging area and then deliver them to the whole World.
Freddi Dolciaria S.p.A.
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